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Sharing My Journey: Self Development Progress

Let’s start with what I mean with “journey” in this blog:

I use journey as of my personal development path. It’s a life-long progress and in this blog I’ll be keeping it in record to share it with you, and also with myself publicly. I believe some of you will get inspired to not give up, and ask and search for answers about yourself and improve your life and lifestyle. I am. Proudly.

I was not always proud of it. I was puzzled of why I had so many questions about the self, the life, and wondering if something wrong with me… Why I didn’t accept things and move on like many others… Originally I was sharing my personal journey in but from now on everything personal will be on this website.

I have a list of things I want to improve about myself, and I’ll keep the record here. OMG, so personal, it’ll be too personal. But it may help you. Or it may show it as a proof that I can work on it, so you can trust me when you decide to work with me.

If you’d like to share your journey, I recommend you to start your own blog, and share the link in the comments 🙂 If you have any feedback, please share it with me as well 🙂

Cheers to the journey.